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Dear Chevy,        

We are in Venice now decompressing a bit from all the wedding excitement. We've thought about you

so many times since Saturday!! We cannot thank you enough for taking our wedding to the next level

with your music.  We lost count of the number of people that came up to us a absolutely raving about

you and your band!! Our two extra big Thank You's:  1) For making our first dance such a memorable

moment(my sister posted the entire thing on FB and the comments are hysterical; if you friend request

me you can watch it!) and  2) your version of 'Hymn' at the end of the night. Just brilliant!



can't even put into words how wonderful you and your band were. The number of

compliments I received and the number of people who said, "that was the best band

we have ever seen" are countless! 


We have not stopped talking about how incredible you all were. It was PERFECT!!! Thank you so much for

the greatest wedding ever! I truly mean were fabulous!! 

We'll be sending you an thank you note so that you can share it with your entire band but I wanted to

express my gratitude sooner than that. I feel very blessed to be able to have had the wedding I did and I'm

really happy God lead me to you...just another blessing! 

You're fabulous! I will need to find a reason to hire you all again:) 


Hi Chevy,

Thank you so so so so so much for making our wedding the absolute most spectacular night of our lives.  I have not stopped crying because I'm so sad that it's over and we aren't going to dance with you guys again tonight and every night.

The entire party was just so perfect. We loved how you kept everyone moving and feeling included. Everybody commented that they loved that they knew the music and could sing along and just completely let go and have fun.  We also loved how when there were more people taking a dancing break, you guys had singers come out and get us singing along into the mics.  It's not just how talented you all are as musicians and singers, but the way that you really read the crowd, organized the music and the songs and created the energy for the whole evening.

I cannot put into words how much I appreciate that you performed "Bonfire Heart."  It was so special and so meaningful to me and I could not stop crying.  It was absolutely unbelievable. 

Thank you for making this the best night of our lives!
(Also, please forward to the rest of the band :) )




Seriously Chev,
Beyonce and Nicki has got nothing on you. You guys totally killed it last night. And I seriously miss you!  …our guests are still talking about it, along with how amazing our band was. People were raving about you, said they felt like they were at a concert.

Would love to all grab a drink when wedding season settles down.
Keep in touch!!!!



Even though we knew how much we loved you as a performer...  and we do! ....the fact that our guests, every one of the calls  -  and they are still coming, asked right away "who was the band?. Their voices were amazing and they didn't play one bad song" is your testament. 


You were the most important factor  - aside from the happy , energetic , never-off-the-dance floor bride and groom ( and our guests who were the same ) that made our celebration the amazing success that it was.  None of this would have happened without you and the talent that surrounded you. The band was fabulous and we miss you already !  


 In addition, your heart for us was also evident. We were quite taken aback when you played her favorite new song at the end ... and she knew that was your gift to her and therefore to us. I am teary as I write this because it was so unexpected and meaningful.    The night will stay close to our hearts ....   I can only look forward to another family celebration for us to share.


Much love, thanks, and best wishes!




Hey Chevy,
How are you?
We finally received our pictures! 
There is a great shot of you, us and Brian on stage!!
Thank you again!  We miss you!

 (...partial review)

  '.... To be honest all the weddings I've attended in the past, I was never truly impressed by the band. Sure some were good, but I preferred having a DJ and leave it to the original recording artists to entertain and inspire the guests to dance. But as anyone who is engaged knows, you have to compromise so my fiancé set up two appointments for us.   This meeting was great. It was a true round table collaboration which allowed us to share our ideas, receive additional ideas, and truly got us excited about the wedding. The day before our wedding we met with our Events Manager to go over the final details and as we pulled up to the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, Chevy pulled in right behind us. Chevy never performed at the Hyatt so she wanted to tour the venue and the various rooms in which our functions were to be performed.  Chevy really went above and beyond in my opinion. We didn't  expect her to tour the venue prior to our wedding. Chevy's presence during this meeting allowed us to go over the sequence of events with the hotel and gave us peace of mind that everything would run smoothly during our event.


The day of the event the band did not disappoint us. The word band is not the correct word to describe them. They are performers. It's almost like being at a performance instead of a wedding. The members that preformed at the cocktail hour were also amazing.  Several times during the wedding, Chevy and band members came off the stage to sing and dance with our guests.  My fiancé wanted to dedicate a song to me and he worked with Chevy and she sang Michael Jackson's "I'll Be There" and customized the lyrics. It was amazing! I felt so special to have Chevy serenade me. The band played the mix of songs we discussed, along with a few mash-ups, and even some duets! Especially during dinner, they performed on the dance floor and it was just like watching a show.  It was truly amazing and will also be forever memorable.


All of our guests raved about how amazing the Band was. They never seen anything like it. They also used the word performance to describe them.  Many guests also stated they preferred Chevy's performance of the song to the original! I would highly recommend Chevy… Let's be honest the three most important factors in wedding planning is the venue, the food, and the entertainment. These are the things your guests will remember. Having selected Chevy, our guests will always remember our wedding as one of the best they've ever attended!! Thank you Chevy and the entire Band for giving us memories that we will forever treasure.



Hi Chevy,

We want to thank for such an amazing night.  We could not have received more compliments about the energy, vibe and talent of the band, and you captured the spirit of our requests perfectly.

There were so many memorable moments, but to call out a few, we were blown away by our entrance, the bride/groom welcome, the father/daughter/mother/son dances and the Empire State of Mind finale.  
Our only regret was not requesting an additional hour!!!!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your flexibility, creativity and collaborative spirit that helped make this night magical for us.

We are so greatly appreciative!

All the best!

Chevy...I wanted to thank you for helping to make our wedding really special.  You and your band we’re beyond great.  We got so many compliments, if half of them turn into jobs for you, you can plan on early retirement.
Your voice, appearance and energy were everything I hoped for when we selected you and you really delivered.

I don’t think you could ever need me as a referral but if you do please have anyone call me.
I hope our paths cross again , but if not:

My wish . . . for you. . . is that this life becomes all that you want it to

 I give you my most sincere thanks.



First of all, I can not emphasize how fabulous each and every band member was and of course, Chevy in particular!
Throughout the entire evening
they kept us dancing, laughing and totally engaged. Chevy handled every aspect to perfection.
I am thoroughly delighted as was every person who attended the wedding.



Hi Chevy!

We just got back from our honeymoon and we have been hearing such great things from all our guests about how much they loved the band!  Thank you so much for making our wedding rock - we had the best time!

Hope the storm wasn't too bad for you two - what a crazy time for New York!  Hope you are both back with power/heat/etc - can you believe on top of all of that it's snowing right now?

Thanks again and hope to see you in the future!





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