With 9 years of experience producing, creating, and leading one of the top bands in New York(Carnegie Hill) plus 10 years of performing behind some of the world's greatest entertainers - - Chaka, Beyonce, Madonna, Mary J, Faith Evans, etc., you can rest assure Chevy knows what it takes to 'get the party started'.  Chevy and her team continue to keep the dance floor packed . . . mashin' up tunes to create the best 'dance party' everrrrrrr. :-)


So whether you desire an Elegant evening . . . a Hot dance party

. . . or BOTH,  CHEVY CHEVIS ENTERTAINMENT will help you create a fun night of music . . . memories . . . and most of all . . .    Magic!


  And because we all know that whether you're planning a Corporate Function,

Elegant Gala, Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah,  it can get a little  stressful

but here at CHEVY CHEVIS ENTERTAINMENT  we make sure

                      YOU have a good time too !

Let's Go!   It'll be here before you know it!  :-)

 *CHEVY* Chevis Entertainment   45 Rockefeller Plaza, 20th Fl., 

New York, NY 10011  212.332.1665